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The types of damages available for accident victims

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There is a long list of the types of traumatic accidents victims can unexpectedly suffer injuries from because of the negligence of another party such as a negligent driver. Because victims can suffer serious and catastrophic injuries, and may need help with their damages, they should be familiar with the different types of damages available to car accident victims and victims of other types of accidents.

A personal injury claim for damages can help injured victims recover compensation for their physical, financial and emotional damages. Many car accident victims find themselves out of work or unable to work because of their injuries and the time they must spend away from work recovering from their injuries. Damages for lost wages can help injured victims along with damages for lost-earning capacity if the injured victim is unable to return to the type of work they performed prior to the injuries they suffered.

A second category or personal injury damages includes medical expenses. Injured victims can recover compensation to help with their medical care and treatment stemming from the accident and the injuries they have suffered. Damages for medical expenses can help with hospital treatment, doctor visits, medications, medical equipment, travel and other expenses associated with the medical care and treatment that is needed for their injuries. Damages for future medical care and treatment that may be needed may also be available.

Pain and suffering damages are also available to help with the emotional impact of the accident in addition to compensation for disfiguring injuries, disabling injuries and other harm suffered by the victim. It is important for injured car accident victims to be familiar with the personal injury claims process which includes how to bring a claim for damages and what types of damages they may be able to recover to help them with the harm they have suffered.

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