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Important steps following a dangerous dog bite

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In many New York households, dogs are faithful companions who offer love and fun to their owners and families. Well-trained dogs can serve the needs of their owners and can offer support and care for those with certain medical conditions. However, not all dog owners take their responsibilities seriously and in some cases their pets cause injuries and losses to others.

Victims of dog bite injuries should be aware of their rights and legal options. Although this post does not offer any legal advice, it is offered to inform readers of steps they can take to protect themselves and their options for seeking compensation. Direct advice and support should be sought from personal injury attorneys in the victims’ communities.

After a dog bite, it is important that a victim find out as much information as they can about the dog that attacked them. Such information can include but is not limited to:

  • The dog’s owner
  • The owner’s address and phone number
  • The dog’s vaccination status

The victim may wish to seek medical help to both have their injuries treated and documented for future requests for damages. Medical bills can serve as useful evidence of losses if a victim chooses to pursue litigation against the owner of the dangerous dog.

Seeking compensation for a dog bite

In New York, owners of dangerous dogs can be held liable for the medical injuries that their pets cause and can be subject to further sanctions of their dogs have histories of violent tendencies. Like other personal injury claims, dog bite cases are subject to statutes of limitation that may curtail how long victims have to pursue their losses in court. The guidance of a personal injury attorney can help a victim avoid missing their chance to litigate their dog bite claims and become whole through the recovery of their damages.

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