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Auto accident leads to woman facing multiple DWI-related charges

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Long Island law enforcement actively watches the road to check for the clear signs for drivers who might be under the influence. Because drunk driving is so risky and can cause accidents with injuries and fatalities, drivers can face severe penalties if they are arrested and convicted. In some instances, charges with greater severity can be made. Examples are if there was an auto accident with injuries or the alleged DWI driver had a child in the vehicle. Still, those who are confronted with these allegations should be aware of the available avenues of defense.

Alleged DWI crash leads to woman’s arrest

A woman was arrested for DWI after she had a head-on collision. The accident happened shortly after 11 p.m. The 35-year-old had her nine-month-old son in the vehicle with her at the time. The woman was driving a 2012 Jeep Liberty and attempted to turn north when she hit a pickup truck heading south. The 25-year-old male driver of the pickup was injured and hospitalized. The injuries are not believed to be serious. Neither the woman nor the baby were injured. After an investigation, law enforcement charged her with multiple offenses including DWI, violating Leandra’s Law for having a child under 15 at the time of a DWI, driving without a license and child endangerment.

Understanding DWI charges and their penalties

Any DWI charge can be serious, but when there is an accident and the circumstances raise the charges to felony level as they do in this case with Leandra’s Law, it is wise to understand the possible consequences. Depending on the amount of alcohol in the driver’s system and the situation, the charges can escalate. There can be a driver’s license suspension or revocation, fines, jail time and more. In addition, the person will likely face increased insurance rates and have the arrest and conviction on the record, possibly causing a negative impact when seeking certain jobs.

Lodging a strong defense for DWI charges

While DWI is problematic, there are strategies that can reduce the charges or result in an acquittal. Scrutinizing the entire case can find flaws in the investigation and how evidence was gathered. There might be extenuating circumstances that warrant a treatment program in lieu of punishment. Before saying or doing anything to make the matter worse, it is beneficial to discuss the DWI case with experienced legal professionals who understand all aspects of criminal defense and DWI laws.

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