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3 mistakes that could cost you your green card

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The road to U.S. citizenship is not always an easy or smooth one, and part of the process entails securing a green card. A green card grants you lawful permanent residency in New York or another U.S. state until enough time has passed that you may move forward with your pursuit of citizenship.

Once you have a green card, the Miami Herald cautions that you must be careful not to do anything the United States may view as abandoning your permanent resident status. Otherwise, you risk threatening your green card. Whare are some of the mistakes that could potentially lead to the loss of your green card?

Mistake 1 – Drug or alcohol violations

If you receive a drunk driving or drug violation as a green card holder, it may hurt your status as a permanent resident of the United States. If a judge orders that you undergo deportation, the order may result in the cancellation of your permanent residency.

Mistake 2 – Tax violations

As a green card holder, you have a duty to declare any income you make at the state and federal levels. Failing to do so may lead to the loss of your green card.

Mistake 3 – Long trips abroad

Traveling to another country for an extended stretch of time may also place your green card in jeopardy. You need to have proof that any trips you take abroad are short in nature. If you stay in another nation for longer than a year, this results in the automatic cancellation of your green card and permanent residency status.

While these are some of the mistakes that could threaten your green card, this is not a comprehensive list of all errors that could potentially cause you to lose it.

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