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Going over child support payment methods in New York

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If you have to pay child support, it is pivotal to understand your obligations and stay current. Some people in New York struggle to pay child support on time for one reason or another. Aside from financial hardships resulting from job loss or other challenges, some parents are unsure of how to begin making child support payments or stay current after losing their job.

In New York, parents obliged to pay child support have various ways to pay what they owe. If you need to pay support, it is helpful to review the different options that are available.

How can parents pay child support?

New York State’s official website provides an overview of child support payment methods. According to their site, over 70% of all child support payments in New York come through income withholding. However, there are different circumstances in which parents do not have support withheld from their paycheck and they need to pay via a different method, such as unemployed or self-employed individuals.

In New York, you can pay child support online by using a bank account, debit card or credit card. You can also send a check or money order through the mail.

What else should parents know about online child support payments?

In order to pay support online, you need to obtain a pin, sent to you through the mail in five to seven business days. You should also realize that it can take seven days for the state to process online payments. If you fail to make payments, your arrears will pile up and you could face significant consequences as a result of enforcement actions taken against you.

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