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Construction accidents and injuries: a vast, varied and dangerous realm

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Here’s an initial point to note concerning the construction industry: It is a comparatively risk-laden sphere that can prove dangerous to virtually any person or demographic.

That means this: You can become an injury victim whether you are an industry worker or simply a bystander. Injuries inflict both project employees and individuals who are merely passing through a construction work zone. Construction mishaps and downside outcomes can imperil motorists, children, undocumented immigrants and members of virtually any other group.

Especially in New York.

One legal source addressing construction site injuries in Nassau and Suffolk counties and surrounding areas underscores the variety, magnitude and nonstop nature of construction work across those locales. Project development – new buildings, demolitions, expansions, road/bridge work, tunnel projects and other work of limitless scope – encompasses vast areas.

That spells both constant opportunity and challenges, with the latter especially spotlighting hazards and injury catalysts that post a constant threat to public safety.

Prime construction industry injury contributors

Any list of injury catalysts in the construction realm is obviously going to be lengthy and varied. And it will certainly highlight agents like these enumerated in the above-cited legal overview:

  • Falling objects (everything from machines and moving parts to debris and tools)
  • Hazardous materials (many construction sites pose huge safety risks tied to dangerous minerals, chemicals and organisms such as lead, mold and asbestos)
  • Motorized vehicle/machine mishaps (e.g., everything from cranes and forklifts to backhoes, specialized trucks and more)

Those bulleted entries span a lot of concerns, but they hardly spell the entirety of construction industry dangers. Scaffolding sometimes gives way. Fires and explosions occur. Excavation work can lead to collapses. Adverse weather conditions can escalate risk.

And, as noted, the attached injury downsides can target a broad swath of the general public.

Construction injury victims have strong post-accident legal rights

Empowerment and proactivity – not helplessness and vulnerability – should mark the strategy of a construction industry injury victim harmed by third-party negligence. A proven and results-oriented personal injury legal team can provide aggressive representation focused on these key goals:

  • Identification of all responsible parties, ensuring full accountability for all negligent actors
  • Strong and knowledge intercession with involved company principals, insurers and other relevant parties
  • Accurate accident reconstruction, with input from experts as necessary (e.g., long-term care planners, economists trained in assessing life needs, and medical experts)
  • The securing of maximum compensation applicable to medical expenses, lost wages, future rehabilitation and many other needs

The construction field is unquestionably an important realm. Its size and stature do not render its principals immune from always acting responsibly and in a reasonably safe manner, though. When that standard of care is breached and an individual is harmed as a result, he or she can pursue a legal remedy marked by maximum compensation.

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