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What intellectual and emotional issues accompany TBI?

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While some head injuries are minor, more serious damage can cause a wide range of effects. As explained by the Mayo Clinic, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) cause physical effects like headaches, loss of coordination, and even altered states of consciousness.

Serious TBI is also associated with many intellectual and emotional effects. These effects can exist on a temporary basis, or they can persist for months or even years. Getting help for these issues is an essential aspect of recovering from TBI.

Problems communicating

Communication issues can affect speaking as well as writing and reading. For some, organizing thoughts in a meaningful way is more difficult after TBI. Others are unable to form words effectively due to muscle weakness. Along with general communication setbacks, many people also experience social issues because they cannot connect with the other people in their lives through effective communication.

Problems thinking

Some people with TBI have a diminished cognitive ability that makes problem-solving challenging. The decision-making process is also affected, as is the ability to multitask or perform two separate tasks at once. Other cognitive issues include problems remembering, a lack of concentration, and poor judgment.

Problems with behavior

Behavioral issues are also common after TBI. Decreased judgment can also lead to diminished self-control, which causes risky decision-making. The person may appear angry and agitated for no reason, and may even lose their temper. Mood swings are also common, as it is more difficult to regulate moods and emotions after certain types of brain injuries.

Recovering from the above issues usually involves several therapeutic approaches. While counseling and psychiatric therapy are beneficial for emotional effects, many people also require physical and occupational therapy to cope with the effects of their injuries.

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