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Improving the appeal of residential real estate prior to selling

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Selling a home in New York can take some time to prepare for, especially if sellers need to update their property. Even minimal effort to improve the appeal of their home can make a considerable difference in attracting interested buyers.

When people plan to sell, they may consider making a list of the improvements to make prior to listing their property. Having a visual plan of what they want to do can help them prioritize their tasks so they can market their property with confidence and pride.

Outdoor appeal

What buyers notice from the outside is often their first impression of a property. According to Zillow, sellers may consider improving curb appeal with a few simple tasks including the following:

  • Pressure washing the exterior to get rid of excess dirt, dust and debris
  • Weeding and manicuring the landscape
  • Replacing outdoor lighting fixtures or worn address numbers

Indoor improvements

Upon entering a home, many buyers envision themselves living in the space. When the home still contains the personal belongings and family photos of the current owners, buyers may struggle to see the home’s potential. Sellers should consider removing all personal belongings and decluttering the space to present a more inviting space to interested buyers. Moving.com also has suggestions for sellers including replacing lightbulbs, wiping down surfaces, repainting walls and fixing little things such as squeaky doors.

Staging and professional photographs can also improve the marketability of residential real estate. The minimal effort sellers put into getting their home sale-ready often pales in comparison to its impact on buyers. With a bit of improvement, people may expedite the process of selling their homes even in complicated market conditions.

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