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May 2022
On Behalf of Palacios Law Group Naturalization is the process by which you can become a citizen of the United States even if you originated from another country. Becoming a naturalized citizen grants you all the rights and privileges that you would have if you were born here. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services describes some...
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On Behalf of Palacios Law Group Going to bars is a way for many Americans to socialize and meet others. However, there are risks associated with all activities that center around drinking alcohol. Because drinking lowers inhibitions and motor skills, intoxicated people are more likely to hurt themselves or someone else, whether by getting into...
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On Behalf of Palacios Law Group As a New York motorist, you know firsthand that navigating the roadways may be quite emotional. Whether you are stuck in traffic on the way to an important meeting or you need to hurry home from work, it is not uncommon to feel angry while behind the wheel. This...
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