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Steps to take when you buy a pre-owned home

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Buying a home in New York requires some preparation of your finances. Planning ahead and strategizing a way to accomplish your goal can help you stay organized to prevent missing critical steps.

When you buy a pre-owned home, you will want to verify the condition of the home and the fairness of the price.


Financing a new home can take the most time and require the most planning. Going through all of the steps to purchase a home only for financing to fall through can cause disappointment and frustration. According to HGTV, one option to consider is pre-approval. If approved, you will receive a formal document showing the amount you have received approval for.

When you start looking at homes and putting in offers, you can use your pre-approval as leverage. Sellers tend to appreciate buyers who can show financial stability and ableness. Knowing that you have already received approval for a certain amount can also help you select properties that fit in your budget.


Just because a home looks good at a glance does not mean you can trust it. Purchasing a pre-owned home can introduce a lot of unseen problems including hidden structural damage, plumbing problems and other nuisances. Hiring a third party to inspect the property can give you insight into the home’s history and any problems it might have.

You may also want to consider a title search which will provide information regarding legal formalities and whether or not there are liens on the property. You should also look at recent sales in the area to make sure the pricing of the home you want reflects the market value in the area.

Doing your due diligence can reduce your risks and increase your confidence. Buying a pre-owned home can work in your favor when you spend adequate time preparing for the process.

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