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What puts seniors at a higher risk from slip and fall injuries?

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As a person ages, he or she may become more vulnerable to slip-and-fall accidents. Once a person suffers a fall accident, he or she has twice the chance of having another accident.

Every year, 3 million people 65 years old and older go to the emergency room because of slip and fall injuries.

How serious are slip and fall accidents?

About one in five accidents causes head injuries or broken bones. Serious injuries can alter the way that a person functions in his or her daily life. For instance, traumatic brain injuries can affect memory, cognition and communication. Broken bones can make it difficult for patients to get around their homes or to maintain their quality of life.

If a person takes medication, such as blood thinners, the seriousness of the fall increases. Head injuries can lead to severe bleeding of the brain.

What causes slip and fall accidents?

Sometimes, a person will blame himself or herself for a slip-and-fall accident, but this is not always the case. Most falls happen due to a combination of factors. If a business has throw rugs, clutter, spills and other hazards, it greatly increases a person’s chances of falling and suffering severe injuries. Likewise, ice and uneven steps can also contribute to a person’s likelihood of slipping.

It is normal for people not to think much about slips and falls, but the reality is that falls cause the most traumatic brain injuries and account for more than 95% of all hip fractures. Costs in one year may amount to more than $50 billion for fall injuries.

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