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Should we tell our kids about the divorce?

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Divorce is difficult, and if you have children there are multiple complexities. One of the first that divorcing parents often contend with is when to tell their children about the divorce.

In general, it is best to tell the kids about your divorce sooner rather than later. However, there are a few situations where it may be wiser to prolong the announcement. According to the Child Mind Institute, you may want to wait longer if you and your ex will still be living together after the divorce, and you should avoid major events and public holidays.

When continuing to live together

It is not uncommon for divorced couples to continue to cohabitate for a period of time, often due to financial pressures. If this is the case and your children are relatively young, it may be better to delay any divorce announcements until you are ready to dissolve the family home.

A lot of this depends upon the parenting plan and how you and your ex envision cohabitating. If nothing is going to change, then an announcement may not be necessary. If you are planning on shifting into a “nesting” situation or otherwise trading custody, you should inform your kids about these changes.

The right timing

It is not a good idea to announce your divorce on a birthday or another major holiday. You should try to do it during a neutral time that does not normally coincide with family togetherness. It is also not a good idea to make this announcement close to bedtime.

You should also prepare for your kids to lash out and work to protect the other parent. Continuing to work as a united front will help make the divorce process easier for everybody.

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