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Learn about the high financial costs of SCIs over time

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One of the last things on your mind after a big accident is how you intend to pay for the recovery. The prospect of changing your life after a catastrophic, personal injury is probably lower on the list. However, when you experience permanent damage after an accident, that is one of the hurdles ahead of you.

When suffering a spinal cord injury, it is important to understand short-term and long-term costs in order to know what you need to live a fulfilling life after paralysis.

Hospital bills and indirect costs

After an SCI, you may expect expensive surgery and a long hospital stay. According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, you may also lose out on indirect costs like losses in wages or fringe benefits amounting to an average of $77,701 per year.

Lifetime costs

Once you recover from surgery and rehabilitation, there are still many aspects of your life that change. From accessibility tools and check-ups, reports estimate lifetime costs ranging between $1.2 million and $5.1 million, depending on how old you are when you sustained the injury. It also depends on the extent of the paralysis. Those suffering from high tetraplegia may require more money than someone with partial motor function loss.

When facing these costs, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. However, if your SCI is the result of a negligent accident, you have options when it comes to seeking compensation. Your situation is unique and it is important to learn more about your case and which options fit your needs.

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