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What do you need to file a personal injury claim?

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Any injury may set you back financially in addition to the physical and mental toll it takes. Getting help with mounting bills and decreasing income may spur you to file a personal injury claim.

However, you need to prove that the person you claim is responsible had a hand in the injury. Learn a bit about what you need to have the standing to file for compensation.

What is negligence?

The one element of a case you need to show from the get-go is that the person who caused the injury did so out of negligence. This means that he or she acted in a way that is contrary to the public health and welfare. In a car crash, this may mean running stop signs or speeding. In a slip and fall, it may mean failing to wipe up a puddle on the tile. Negligence is a condition that should prove preventable.

Who caused the injury and how?

Once you have negligence, you need to show how you and the other person came into contact in the first place. For a dog bite case, this means showing that you were both in the park simultaneously. In a medical malpractice case, you must prove that you were a patient. Once you have this relationship, you can then show how the person’s negligence led to the inciting incident that damaged your body.

Personal injury encompasses many facets of law. You may want to seek the aid of a person with the know-how to assist you with the matter.

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