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What does a visa allow you to do?

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Someone from another country needs a legal way to enter the United States. While a visa is not always a requirement to enter the U.S., it is if you are thinking of staying for an extended time.

The U.S. has several visa types that may apply to your situation, and the reason you want it may dictate which one you need to obtain.

What kind of visa does a visit to the U.S. require?

The country from where you originate may determine whether you need a visa for a short stay in the U.S. If you do, you will want to apply for a non-immigrant visa. This allows you to come into the country for a short time, either for vacation or business. A visa is not a guarantee of entry, but the government does require it to try to gain access.

Can you get a visa if you want to become a U.S. citizen?

One possible start to a citizenship journey is a visa. If you intend to enter the U.S. and become a citizen, you will need to get a work visa. This means the company you work for must have offices in the U.S. and endorse your application for an immigrant visa. There are different ways you may gain legal entry and citizenship to the U.S. if you do not qualify for a work visa.

A visa may give you temporary or long-term permission to remain in the United States. If immigration is your goal, the path to citizenship in the U.S. may take many forms.

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