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Tips to prepare for the naturalization test

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A big part of the citizenship process is the naturalization exam. Once you complete the interview, the exam is your next step. Proper preparation is essential to ensure that you pass this exam.

There are some key tips that can give you the best possible chance of success.

Understand what the text covers

The naturalization exam has multiple sections covering a couple of important aspects of US citizenship. One section focuses on the English language and covers information such as reading, speaking and writing in English. The civics section focuses on government, the Constitution, the American flag, the justice system and American history.

Study each section individually

Focus on one section of the test at a time until you feel confident in your abilities. Take practice tests to identify the areas where you are weakest. Identifying those areas determines where you focus the most effort before the test.

You may be able to skip the English portion

There are exemptions available for the English portion of the naturalization test. Typically, exemptions depend on how long you have lived in the country and your age. If you meet the exemption guidelines, you may be able to take only the civics portion of the test.

You may feel intimidated by the naturalization test, but careful preparation can help ensure success. The more you understand the components of the test and the basics of preparation, the more likely it is that you will pass the test. Take your time and make sure that you are ready before you take the test.

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